You may have done some embarrassing things after a night of imbibing, but I doubt you've done this. A 26 year old had a fun night out at a bar, and then got a taxi to take him to his parents' house so he could spend the night there, instead of having to go much further to his own place. Upon arriving at the house, he took his shoes off and left them at the door. His Mother taught him well. Then he went into the kitchen and got a drink of juice before the laid down on the couch for the night.  So far, good right? Not really. His parents hadn't lived in that house for 2 years. The new house resident woke up and went into the living room to see him asleep.  She did what most would do first. No, not call the police, that would be the 2nd thing most would do.  First is snap a photo. Which she shared on social media after realizing who it was.

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