I went to Hilltop School when I was a kid. I'll never forget that I got in trouble my first week there, for telling another kid to shut up. Around that place back then, that was pretty much equivalent to a swear word. The kid ran and told the teacher, and I had to put my head down.

It was also the first place I ever saw someone get their tongue stuck to the flag pole. Actually, I got my finger caught in one of the small holes on the steps on the slide. The teacher used butter to get me out of that one. So yes, I am that kid that always got in trouble doing something stupid. Not much has changed there, I guess.

Anyway.... the waaaay better news is that this very building on Ohio Street that houses Hilltop School, and was previously known for decades as the Bangor Children's Home, is celebrating it's 150th year serving the greater Bangor area. they would like to celebrate this milestone by having an Open House on October 19th from 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

All alumni and folks who've stayed at the Bangor Children's Home are welcome to attend. There will be tours, and a variety of activities that day for the whole family. They even have some rooms that are preserved from its days as an orphanage, according to WABI - TV5.

I know I'm kinda curious to go in there and check the place out. I'm a bit reluctant to say how many years it's been, but it's been enough. I have some fond memories of that place. And as you can tell above, some not so fond ones too. Haha. But 1560 years of service is certainly worth celebrating.

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