This morning, it took forever, but I finished all my snow blowing. It took waaaayyyy longer than it should have. Let's just say if I could've lifted that cursed machine over my head, it would have most certainly suffered an unparalleled fate. But I got it done...with a lot of swearing, and a lot of help from my wife.

When I got back inside, I was taking my boots off, and saw a variety of different plow drivers enter my neighborhood. The city guy came by, right after I finished of course, then a smaller city plow for the cul-de-sac across the street, and a couple residential guys zipping up and down the road.

As I'm watching the giant city plow get stuck in front of my house, I started to really consider a day in the life of the plow driver. In most cases, probably 95% of the time, it's an unsung, thankless job. Usually the only time anyone even mentions their plow guy is to complain about how late he was, or how the city guy just ignored their road altogether.

But it dawned on me, these men and women work unbelievably long hours, day and night, in absolutely horrible travel conditions, so that we can sleep 45 minutes longer. When was the last time the plow guy got to sleep an extra 45 minutes? For that matter, he has to plow out his own driveway! Talk about just heaping on the unfairness....

So maybe next time you see your guy or gal out there, fixing up your driveway, or plowing the road in front of your house, give a wave. Shout a thank you. Flick the light on and off, whatever. Just let them know that you're aware of how hard they're working to make our lives easier.


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