It's July 4th weekend and if you are stocking up on fireworks, please keep yourself and your party safe. Need something to ensure you remember this when the time comes to whip out the fireworks?  Here you go.

Hermon Fire Department shared this photo on social media on Friday, prior to the beginning of the holiday weekend. It's a before and after photo, obviously, but what caused the complete destruction of this person's hand? An M80 firework.

Hermon FD put this out as a warning of what can go wrong if a firework explodes in your hand- everything to do with your hand.

The National Safety Council has reported that 8 people died and 12,000 people were injured and needed medical attention in 2017 alone due to fireworks. Half of those stats belong to children and young adults.

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The fire department also made mention of the fire hazard fireworks pose, especially since Maine has been especially dry this year:

"This is a reminder for all residents. The use of fireworks can also cause unexpected wildfires with the current severe drought conditions. If your illegal use of fireworks causes an unexpected fire, you can also be criminally charged and be responsible for any damages.”

Let this be a reminder that playing with fireworks is dangerous. Show this to your friends. You don't even have to say anything other than "Fireworks." Maybe raise your eyebrows when you do it. Add a shrug when you do it, too.

Keep yourself and your family and friends safe this holiday weekend and please, please be careful with the fireworks.

For more information about fireworks safety, please visit the National Safety Council's webpage about 'Fireworks Safety'.

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