If you are the kind of person who stops everything you are doing to watch the deer in the yard, then this may be the perfect project for you to take on to help out the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and become a citizen scientist.

If that caught your attention and you indeed want to take on the duties of a citizen scientist, which I totally want to be, keep doing what you are doing.  Well, that's step one.

Starting August 1, Maine citizens, or Maine citizen scientists as I'd prefer to be called, are being asked to take on the work of spying on our deer neighbors and friends in a project called Maine Deer Spy, or what I'd rather call it -- Operation White Tail.

There's no registration or sign-up needed to be part of helping out. Just record your sightings from August 1 to September 30 and submit them by mailing your data or by submitting your info online.

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The project, which was started last year, will allow the department to review data collected from all over the State of Maine to gain insight into the deer population of the state. The goal is to keep the deer population robust and healthy which means data collecting from all areas of the state is integral to this project being successful.

This data will help the department know how many deer are in Maine and help the department determine the number of deer that can be available for hunting season, to continue to keep the deer population healthy and stable.

Want to take part? Check out the Maine.gov website with all of the information, including an FAQ section, online data submission information, and mailing information.  Happy spying, Maine citizen scientists!

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