It started with the Best Picture Award last night at the Oscars. Movie is 'The Shape of Water'. So I asked Cindy if she'd seen the movie, she said no, and I replied me neither but it's on my bucket list.  Get it?  Water...Bucket.

So from that I go searching for a bucket list story and find a survey from Web MD that says you should share your bucket list with your Doctor, so they can help you achieve the items on the list.

And from that survey I come to find that there are 6 different categories, or buckets, that the items fit into.

#1 most popular bucket list item is travel. It's on 4 out of 5 peoples list. "Oh the Places You'll See". Nobody asked for my advice, but go.  Do it! You'll remember, and smile about it, for the rest of your life.

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