Brewer High School's Outdoor Education students will raise money for their program this weekend with a Mother's Day flower sale.

What is the Outdoor Education Program?

If you've never heard of the Outdoor Education program in Brewer, let me tell you it's a brilliant alternative to conventional physical education. Instead of field hockey and gymnastics, OE teaches students about the outdoors through things like camping and canoeing trips. Not that there's anything wrong with field hockey or soccer, but some kids just aren't cut out for those types of athletic sports. I was one of those kids. Always last to be picked for a team and then praying in the outfield that the ball didn't come my way. However, I grew up going camping, so I would have signed up for OE in a heartbeat.

What Types of Flowers and Plants Will Be For Sale?

Yes, I'm a big supporter of this program and try to support it in any way that I can, like telling you about their awesome flower sale that they hold each Mother's Day weekend. These aren't bouquets of cut flowers, but rather seedlings for her garden and they're always super healthy. I buy flowers at the sale each year and they always last throughout the summer. What are your Mom's favorite flowers? Petunias? Mums? Maybe some pretty dahlias? The flowers at the OE Mother's Day Flower Sale are provided by Ellis's Greenhouse in Hudson and there's always a wide variety.

When and Where is the Sale Being Held and Did I Hear Something About a Carwash?

The Mother's Day Outdoor Education Flower Sale will be held at Brewer High School on Friday, May 6th from 12 noon to 5 pm, and Saturday, May 7th from 8 am to 3 pm. Weather permitting, there will also be a benefit carwash, so you can make sure your vehicle is sparkling when you deliver those flowers to Mom.

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