So you do the right thing in your mind. You sign up for auto pay with the heating fuel company, for peace of mind, and  because it is easy and then you don’t have to worry about anything. No monitoring. No checking.

And then you come home to, or wake up to, an empty tank. And no delivery.

It is happening. .

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For the record this has never happened to me. But a buddy told me about it happening to him.

They are supposed to know when to come , and show up automatically without you having to worry about it.  Last night I came home to no heat because we were out of fuel.  Others say it is happened a lot this winter to them.  I had to call the emergency number and they sent someone out to refill last night.

What does one do if this happens?

Buddy has the answer. Even though you are not supposed to have to, call the emergency number to get an asap refill.

Here are some of the comments scooped from Facebook.

2 months in a row and they have let us run out of oil again, on auto delivery. Currently awake waiting for emergency delivery and bleed out the furnace to get started. It’s 14 degrees outside and I’ve been out for who know how many hours.

As stated by the customers,  your company should have an emergency delivery phone number to call and explain your situation.

But it sure isn’t very good customer service. Especially since they already have your money.

I have been having the same problem with my company. I’m supposed to be on auto delivery and I have to call and call to get a delivery when they have plenty of my money.



You pay the premium fuel rate, pay for the plan, bank money with them and still wake up to a cold house.

A Man With Warm Clothing Feeling The Cold Inside House

Couldn’t imagine if it happened over the past weekend with the low temperatures and the dangerous wind chill.

Empathy to all. You shouldn't have to, but make the call.

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