Granted, this weekend, the weather is supposed to be downright balmy. Sure, it's going to rain quite a bit, but we'll all find that the temps are quite cooperative. But before you know it, the temps are going to nose dive all over again. And since winter can be such a hardship on some folks for any number of reasons, the awesome folks over at the Health Equity Alliance will be having a sleeping bag and blanket drive all through the month of January.

The Health Equity Alliance helps folks throughout Maine with locations in Bangor, Ellsworth, and Machias. They do a lot of great work with various at-risk groups, providing with educational tools and community outreach. They help folks in the LGBTQ community, people with addiction, they run a food pantry.... In other words, a great group of people with really big hearts, helping anyone who needs it.

During January, you can drop by 304 Hancock Street, Suite 3B with sleeping bags or blankets. Or they will gladly accept your cash or gift-card donations. And then, on February 11th, they will head down to Pickering Square in Bangor to distribute the items.

I get it. This time of year, it seems there's always someone or some organization that needs help. And lord knows we all can't contribute to every charity, but maybe for the first time, you're feeling secure, and want to give back to the community. And really...this would be a great way to do that.

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