Route 2A, in Aroostook County, is known as a very dangerous route. Dick Curless even wrote a song about it called, "A Tombstone Every Mile" and some say it's haunted.

Curless' song refers to the dangerous roads in the Haynesville Woods because of its icy and snowy roads.

It's been said that many truckers have lost their lives while hauling potato's to Boston, after hitting a dangerous hairpin turn.

However, truckers weren't the only ones to die on the Aroostook County Route.

What makes this area the most haunted in the county, is that people have seen a woman screaming that her husband is trapped in their vehicle and begging for travelers to stop.

But when the travelers stop and try to get close to her, she vanishes away. Other travelers  said they've seen a little girl on the side of the road that is said to have been killed by a semi-truck many years ago.

So, if you're ever traveling on Route 2A, in Wytopitlock, Maine and happen to see the woman or the little girl, stop by and tell us about it in the comments section below.

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