Some people reeeeeally care a lot about their birthday. Or maybe their anniversary. Or whatever date may hold some sort of sentimental attachment for them. Me? Not so much. I go out of my way to hide my birthday from people for the most part. It's not on Facebook, I don't tell my co-workers when it is, that kind of thing.

But seriously... National Hug A Drummer Day is something I think we should all be taking a little more seriously. I introduced thousands of you to this holiday last year. So rightfully, I expected to see a bunch of cards and well -wishes here at the station as we got closer to the day.

But so far, I haven't received a single one. Why? Is it because you already blew your National Hug A Drummer Day card budget on the other two drummers in your life? Is it because I didn't like your comment on Facebook? Is it because I didn't laugh at your well-meant, but ultimately tacky drummer joke?

I get it. I'm probably just some sticksmith you don't care about because, well... does anyone really give drummers a second thought? Short answer is no. Drummers have a 73% higher mortality rate (not true) than most people. Do you know why? Because no one remembers our only holiday.

Please, don't let another National Hug A Drummer Day go by without acknowledging all the drummers in your life. Because face it, all your favorite bands would suck if they didn't have a drummer. Imagine Zeppelin without Bonham. They'd sound like Crosby, Stills, and Vomit. Eew.

So run out right now, find a drummer, and let them know they're loved. It's literally the least you could do on this fine National Hug A Drummer Day.

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