Okay, I thought about this and was not going to share it. The reason, it is embarrassing to me.  It probably shouldn’t be, but it is. I got scammed or at least shammed.

I rarely cruise Facebook. The nasty comments from so many keep me away. The birthdays of people that have been part of my life are about the only reason I go on Facebook. Wish them a happy day, tell them I miss them and I hope they are doing well, and close the page.

But I saw an ad. And my thought was that would work for me in the apartment. I have a chair I sit in way more than I should. I saw a side table that would be perfect next to the chair. I don’t remember the price but it wasn’t as much as a traditional end table or side table. So I ordered it.

When weeks and weeks went by and nothing had arrived, I assumed I either got scammed, or the item was coming from a foreign country. But for the life of me, every time I scrolled and scrolled Facebook looking for the ad again, it never popped up.

Finally, I got a package. Allow me to back up. The ad showed the side table beside a chair at the height you would expect it to be. A couple of feet. The ad showed the table with a cup of coffee on the table. The surface was what one would expect. So I opened the package and here is what I received.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

For perspective, here’s the side table beside the chair

Scott Miller

My thought was, oh no, I’m becoming one of those old people that can’t see an obvious scam. People that give out their social security number over the phone or write checks so that they can qualify for a financial gift.

I know I could find the order details somewhere in my email or my bank statement from months ago and dispute the charge and ship the less than 3-inch tall ‘side table’ back, but the cost was really only about $40. And something clicked in my head. I needed this to happen to me. Just stop buying stuff from an ad you saw on Facebook without thinking about it and call it a lesson learned.

Besides, the colorful pig looks like it has found a home it likes on the mantle.  Unless someone I know needs a pig for their dollhouse.

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