Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Bradford!

Bradford is quite different from many Maine towns with a lack of lakes or mountains. But what they lack in mountains they gain in land. Many people in the town live off the land or making a living off it.

This is what early entrepreneur brothers did when they created Bradford's claim to fame, Spruce Gum! This was the first mass sold chewing gum in history! The gum was first sold in 1848 by the Curtis brothers in Bradford and nearby Bangor. The beautiful library in the center of town is named after the more famous brother, John B. Curtis. They were the first to discover gum grows on trees!

That's not the only thing on trees in Bradford. Have you seen these strange ghost bikes on a dead end road in town?

Here are some great photos of the town, including those ghost bikes, we found on Instagram:


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