It's almost everyone's favorite time of the year... where we, against our will, get to lose an hour of sleep. A bunch of folks that work on Sundays will probably be late to work that day. And everyone on social media will be giving their two cents about why moving the clocks around at all is just the dumbest idea ever.

And it is! But, there's nothing we can do about it. on Sunday March 8th at 2:00am, it's time to spring ahead. I've thought it over many times, and I have to wonder... do I really care that it's going to be kinda dark-ish again for a couple weeks when I wake up? Probably not, because it will now be wicked light out when I drive home from work.

But for that matter, I also really hate it in the fall when I'm told I "gain" one hour of sleep, when in reality, I'm losing is an hour of daylight. But again, what can I do about it, besides complain? Not much.

But, on a positive note, a lot of folks use these time changes as reminders to check the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. So definitely do that. And, we can all complain, but I bet most people will be pretty stoked when the sun sets that Sunday evening at 6:23pm. See how much you miss that hour of sleep then!

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