I have to admit it...I'm kind of addicted to finding older videos online from Bangor's past. I saw this one on Facebook, on the You Know You Grew Up In Bangor, When....Facebook page. Two very famous Bangor related things are of course former Senator Bill Cohen, and Bangor Rye Company, which was owned by Cohen's father Reuben. Watch the full video here....

Now, as famous as Bill Cohen was nationally, there's no denying that Bangor Rye Company was a true Bangor institution years back. It still exists, more or less, as the Brick Oven Bakery, which is now, pretty much as coveted for sandwiches as Bangor Rye was back in the day.

In this video from C-Span back in 1989, Reuben Mitchell has plenty to say about his business, his son, and about delicious bread in general. So sit back and enjoy this gem from Bangor's past. I know I did.

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