"The American people are being lied to...."

That is a statement that sends a shiver down my spine every time it's spoken.

Thirty plus years ago, I was an idealistic young woman who chose to pursue the career of journalism. My understanding of the career, at that time, was rooted in a deep respect for the U.S. Constitution. (I'm eternally grateful to my high school History and American Government teachers)

I suppose there was a little romanticism thrown in too for good measure, because I saw the role of a journalist falling some where between Under Dog and Superman. You know, protecting the American people from the tyranny of the rich and powerful, that 'Truth, Justice, and the American Way' sort of thing.

I believe this country faces some very grave threats, many of which, as you go about your daily lives, you are completely unaware.

I also believe that many people in this nation are truly convinced the federal government will take care of them. That mentality and belief system bodes very well for the "career politicians" who reap the financial benefits that staying in political power affords them. Does that mean ALL politicians are corrupt? No, of course not.

However, the phrase 'there are none so blind as those who refuse to see' comes to mind often, especially as it relates to the survival of this nation. I suggest that much of what is happening in Washington is deeply motivated by, and steeped in, the political desire to stay in power, rather than to truly serve the best needs of the nation.

The President of the United States boldly proclaimed you could keep your doctor, and he claimed there was not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS as it related to the deliberate targeting of conservative groups, and referred to the problem as nothing more than bone-headed mistakes.

President Obama, and Secretary of State John Kerry, are also telling you the right course of action with Iran is to lift sanctions and negotiate, all the while assuring the American public Iran would not be permitted to go nuclear. What if these too are nothing more than bone-headed mistakes being made by the administration?

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry served in the CIA, the House Armed Services Committee, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, and the Congressional EMP Commission.

Dr. Pry suggests the evidence points to the fact that we have vast holes in our intelligence capabilities, and Iran already has the bomb.

As Dr. Pry, and many others, including a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, have been desperately trying to point out to Congress and the American people, the threat from Iran's nuclear weapon capabilities doesn't come from a direct attack necessarily, rather an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, caused by the detonation of a nuclear bomb in our atmosphere.

Dr. Pry has been in Maine providing testimony in support of State Representative Andrea Boland's initiative to get Maine's Public Utilities Commission to study the threat and harden our power grid against such vulnerabilities.

Representative Boland, in fact, will be interviewed tonight on Fox News at 9pm as they investigate the threats to our nation's power grid.

Maine Senator Angus King has just returned from a trip to the Middle East where he met with Israeli officials, who remain frustrated the U.S. has engaged Iran in negotiations. Senator King said, "Our comment to them was, 'Look, the deal is being negotiated...it is what it is..."

Dr. Pry believes that is both naive and dangerous and Senator King is failing in his responsibility of congressional oversight.

This is my entire interview with Dr. Pry.

Dr. Pry 1

Dr. Pry 2

Dr. Pry 3

It is also important to note the threat to our nation's power does not just come from a nuclear-detonation caused EMP. The threat also comes from a possible cyber attack, terrorist attack, or our sun.