It was revealed Monday in an intense meeting in Washington D.C., that two weeks ago, Earth came very close to taking a direct hit from a massive solar flare.

That solar flare was strong enough to wipe out power grids, vehicles, and cell phones.

Those meeting in Washington Monday said that between cyber threats, terrorism, and the sun's very active state, we are playing a very dangerous game of Russian roulette with our electric infrastructure.


In this meeting, presented in the above video in its entirety, Former CIA Director Woolsey explains, "We are at war now with those who want to take down our electricity grid..."

Some of the experts gathered in Washington Monday have been in Maine this year presenting testimony before the Legislature's Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology. As a result of that testimony, the Maine Public Utilities is studying exactly what it would take to get Maine utility companies to harden the state's electric infrastructure.

Your chances of survival and recovery in the event of such a catastrophic event depend on planning and preparation.

Maine Emergency Management officials often remind Mainer's how important it is to have a family disaster and communication plan in place in the event of a disaster. Yet they only recommend you be prepared to fend for your family for three days, assuming that the state and federal governments could then start a response and come to your aid.

That plan frankly is based on the assumption that something in the "chain" was still up and running. Unless our infrastructure is hardened to the effects of an EMP, systems throughout the country would go down, making the probability of outside help arriving in a timely fashion, slim to none.

The theory is, if more people are prepared to take care of their own families, and possibly neighbors, there would ultimately be less panic and chaos when the gravity of the crisis started to really dawn on people.

The reality is, we are desperately dependent on electricity, and that dependence goes far beyond being able to text your best friend about what she might be wearing to the concert.

Think about all of the other services we take for granted on a daily basis that would cease to function with out electricity.

Despite the fact that experts have been sounding the alarm about the catastrophic consequences of a major EMP event, caused either by a natural occurring solar flare or terror attack, precious little has been done by Congress to mandate the country's utility companies protect the grid.

The Maine PUC report about the threats and possible mitigation efforts will be ready for the Legislature to consider in January.