Two Good Samaritans worked together to save the life of an 80-year-old man, after his boat capsized in Damariscotta Lake.

Wardens say 80-year-old David Drever was on the lake for a day of fishing when his boat flipped over, and he found himself in the icy water. Another fisherman, David Reiss, was more than a mile away when he heard Drever calling for help. Reiss told WGME-TV that he grabbed the elderly man's hand, who grabbed the boat with his other hand, and together they managed to wrestle him into the boat.

Reiss said he then called Joe Holland, who lives nearby, and asked him to meet them at the boat ramp. Holland brought blankets and kept Drever warm until emergency responders arrived. He says the man was in bad shape. Drever was taken to Miles Memorial Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia. Officials say he's expected to be okay.

Reiss said he on the lake thanks to another Good Samaritan, who helped him get his truck unstuck on Monday morning.

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