If you have turned from State Street onto Harlow Street, a busy intersection in downtown Bangor and right after you made the turn look up you’ve seen it.

Or if you come down Park Street and look over your left shoulder just as you make that forced turn onto Harlow Street, you’ve seen it.

The giant 3-dimensional bees in the massive mural on the wall of the building that houses Pepino’s Restaurant at 47 Park Street.

Officially it is called The Good of the Hive. Part of a worldwide project by Catskills, New York artist Matt Willey.
Matt is painting 50,000 honeybees. That’s the number of bees in a healthy thriving hive. Notice the authenticity of the bees surrounding the Queen like an actual hive.

Matt says he is:

devoting his life to this cause because it is so important.

Bees are so important to the environment. And healthy bees are necessary for our world.

And the Bangor part of the project has been completed. The finishing touches are done on the 3-story mural that Matt has been worked on for about a month or so.

Hand painted bees, and a unique and interesting mural that is part of a project all over America, and all over the world. And each mural is individual and inspired and painted locally.

The Good of the Hive is a partnership Bangor Beautiful and Bangor Savings Bank.

Annette Sohns-Dodd, President of Bangor Beautiful says:

Bangor Beautiful is proud to have brought this project to Bangor. This mural is just the first of many public art projects, trees to be planted, and placemaking efforts to come.

Learn more here.   And Matt has a Facebook page to learn more about him and his worldwide project.

Hundreds of people stopped by when Matt was painting, and Matt stopped and had conversations with people. All part of the project’s outreach component.

Here are a few photos

The Good Of The Hive 3 Story Mural in Bangor is Complete

Wall Mural Good Of The Hive Completed

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