This might just be the ideal Christmas gift for your kid. Plus it’s a gift that you can be proud giving because it’s educational. Now before any whining starts, know it’s educational, it’s full of STEM activities for kids, but it’s also fun.

The Maine Discovery Museum may be closed, but they are still selling their monthly ‘Discovery Kits’ with help support the museum’s many programs. Kits can be picked up at the Maine Discovery Museum. The December kit is sold out, but another one is coming for January which can be purchased now. Same for February and March. All ready to go. .

Maine Discovery Museum is Maine’s largest children’s museum, and it is located on Main Street in Bangor. They call themselves a ‘boredom blaster’ for a reason. Consider a Discovery Kit for a kid in your life.  Here’s where to check it out.

Oh to be a kid again.

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