So, what would you like to stare at while sitting there in traffic waiting for the light to change?

The huge brick siding of Coastal Interiors on Water Street in Ellsworth will certainly be a  big enough canvas for those that will eventually be tasked with creating a giant public mural for all to see.

Heart of Ellsworth, is a non-profit group that "promotes artistic, cultural, economic, educational, environmental and historic activities in the "Downtown" area to promote a vibrant community for all", according to it's Facebook page.  The group will partner with others in the Ellsworth community during the initial planning stages of the project, and then eventually a selected artist will oversee the project.

As you probably know, Coastal Interiors stands on the west side of Water Street right next to the Emmaus Shelter on the banks of the Union River. The immediate area between R.F. Jordan contractors and Coastal Interiors has already become colorful, as drawings on huge concrete traffic dividers have already begun to brighten the big parking lot there.

It's a pretty busy area, especially during the evening commute when traffic backs up all the way down Water Street.

So it will be interesting to see what the public mural depicts.  Maybe it will show Ellsworth's early heritage when sawmills and schooners ruled the Union River, or maybe something of a more contemporary design.  Or, maybe it will be reminiscent of the old postcard from way back when that's shown below. Either way, we think that it's a great idea and can't wait to see the outcome!

Ellsworth Postcard
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