Election Day will be here soon enough on November 6th, and this year is shaping up to be quite the political showdown. This is NOT a post about politics, other than that we can all agree, it stands to be a very busy year at the polls. And waiting around for god knows how long to cast your vote, is not something most of us look forward too.

In fact, I bet leaving the house and heading to vote, and waiting in line, is probably what discourages folks from voting the most. Well, like with just about anything these days, you don't need to even leave your couch to cast your vote in the upcoming election. Just get your absentee ballot!

It's super duper easy. You can do it right online. Here's the link at the State of Maine website where you can make your request. When it arrives in the mail, you can literally sit there, in your pajamas, or bathing suit, or birthday suit for that matter, and cast your vote.

And, Maine will using it's new ranked choice voting system. It will count in the federal election races, but not our state races for governor or senate and reps. Apparently, that violates the Maine constitution somehow, but I honestly don't fully understand why. but that will not stop me from making my voice heard!

So use that link and get your ballot, so you can be the second laziest voter in the State of Maine. Right after me.

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