October 6th may seem like a long way away, but since we're already blazing through August, it's going to come quicker than you think. when it does roll around, you will have a much needed opportunity to rid yourself of a few of those items that you can't throw in the trash, or can't dispose of safely at other times, as the city of Brewer will be having a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, thanks to Brewer Public Works!

You will have a chance to get rid of some super volatile things such as old paint, pesticides, used motor oil, and old gasoline. Normally, you'd have to go to some kind of service station to dispose of these sorts of things, but Brewer has decided to step up and take care of some of these things for residents. You'll be able to bring it all right to the Brewer Public Works Department on 221 Green Point Road from 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. on October 6th.

You will need to get a permit from the city, which will involve proof of your residence, and a detailed list of the items you wish to dispose of. And, you will be limited to a total of ten gallons of hazardous household waste, which they provide a detailed list of in the post.

In addition to the list in the first graphic, in the second it explains how to label and transport your waste safely to the Public Works. This is separate from any sort of regular trash pickup, or large item disposal or any of those types of things, and you'll be bringing it all to Brewer Public Works yourself, hence why they have so much info about how to safely deal with your various items.

So, start cleaning out the shed now and get ready to finally get rid of some of this stuff that's just cluttering up the place. Or give your garage that shoveling out you've been talking about. In general, get dangerous stuff out of your house and disposed of safely. You'll probably decide it's the best thing you did all year!

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