It's nearly spring turkey time in Maine. These Maine hunts will get your heart pumping, and yearning for the upcoming season in the turkey woods.

With spring turkey season approaching, Mainers are prepping for the first round of thunder chicken hunting this year. Maine's spring turkey hunting season begins on May 2. Youth hunters get a jump start on the season for Youth Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Day, April 30.

We compiled a selection of talented YouTubers here in Maine documenting their epic hunts. You may recognize some of these outdoorsmen from our previously published list of "The Best Maine Outdoor Channels To Watch on Youtube."

The Maine Hunt:

Hunters Zach Martin and Daniel Schaeffer have an excellent channel, titled The Maine Hunt. They have an abundance of footage of them laying down long-beards. The channel features 17 turkey hunting videos. Check out their latest turkey hunt in the video above.

Chris Taylor's Maine Stream Adventures:

Chris Taylor isn't just a fishing machine, he also makes feathers fly. The video above starts with Chris spending some time in the woods, in pursuit of fall season turkey. When he hears the trot of a couple turkeys in the distance, he sets up, and waits. Patience prevails in the end with a nice hen down.

Mainely Outdoors:

Jessie's channel features a lot of stream-side fishing content and grouse gunning, but he too spends time in the turkey woods. The video above follows his first-ever turkey hunt, back in 2020. Let's just say, it wasn't a bad start to his turkey hunting career!


Another channel loaded up with turkey tackling is HuntingME. The seven turkey hunts are exquisitely filmed, as is everything on their channel. Bow hunters will appreciate their action packed hunt above, where two Toms went down. They also have footage of successful Youth Day hunts. Take a kid hunting, and keep the tradition alive!

The Hunting Public:

While not based in Maine,The Hunting Public recently released footage from a Maine turkey hunt. The popular YouTube channel and podcast visited during the spring 2021 season. As most hunters from away come to find, Maine isn't home to much public hunting land. However, generous Maine landowners are plentiful, as Aaron and Greg found out. Scotty gets in on the action in their second video.

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As we said above, Youth Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Day is April 30. Daily bag limits still apply, which is up to two bearded (male) wild turkeys in most Wildlife Management Districts. A hunter may harvest only one bearded turkey in WMDs 1-6, and 8.

The spring turkey season opens to all on May 2, and runs through June 4.

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