Looking for a go-kart.  Hold on, hear me out.  Sure, you are.

A go-kart built by George Stevens Academy’s Design Tech class under the direction of teacher and alumnus Corey Esposito, GSA Class of 1987, will be raffled to raise funds for future Industrial Tech department projects.

And tickets only cost $10 each. For just $10 you could own this beautiful machine.

Tickets will be available for the first time tomorrow, Thursday, May 12, from 5-5:50 P.M. before the GSA Spring Concert.

Then the raffle tickets will be available in the front office during school hours through the month of May.

The frame is made of strong 11-gauge 1” square tube. It has 14.5” knobby tires and is powered by a 7HP Extreme Power 4-cycle engine.

Corey estimates the cost of materials alone at $800 or more.

But now I can't get Tim McGraw's '7500 OBO' out of my head.

Courtesy George Stevens Academy
Courtesy George Stevens Academy

Teacher Corey Esposito and students Lance Kennedy (seated) and Daniel McKay show off the go-kart built in GSA’s Design Tech class.

George Stevens Academy Communications Director Mark Messer is also one of the organizers of the raffle and says:

It's exciting to see so much interest and energy around the go-kart raffle, and it's great that the money will go right back into paying for unexpected expenses or future projects. GSA's Industrial Tech and Engineering programs are growing while some high schools are cutting back on their shop classes.

Great cause. Great Go kart.

The winning ticket will be drawn at 11:45 A.M. on Wednesday, June 1, GSA Giving Day.  You are invited to attend and watch the winning ticket being drawn. Tickets will be available that day on the GSA front lawn up until the drawing time.

And before we leave Blue Hill, huge shout out to the students, advisors and GSA staff who spent time last Friday morning picking up trash in the downtown Blue Hill area.

All part of the effort by Blue Hill Heritage Trust to clean up garbage in ditches and in the woods.

Thank you to all for your efforts in this community clean up. If only everyone took the time to dispose of their waste properly themselves.

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