The country music world shook last year when country legend George Jones died. Now one year later, family and fans gathered to honor the musician and his legacy in front of his 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' headstone at Woodlawn Cemetery in Nashville.

Jones' widow, Nancy, was there on Saturday (April 26) to honor her late husband but she told his fans that she wouldn't cry because more than anything this day was a celebration.

"And I'll tell you why," his wife explained at the ceremony, according to the Tennessean. "This is a huge celebration, and I love every one of you."

Keith Bilbrey, host of TNN's Grand Ole Opry Live and a Nashville radio DJ, was the anniversary's master of ceremonies and tried to keep the event as lighthearted as possible. He said that Jones was probably in heaven with Waylon Jennings and the two were simply happy sipping water.

Larry Gatlin, a country singer who is also a recovering alcoholic, said that maybe something was different in heaven and that they were't drinking water after all. "Maybe heaven is being able to have just two and not have 10."

Although Jones is gone, his legacy will forever live on. The George Jones Scholarship Fund at Murfreesboro's MTSU helps that legacy live on and at the event, his widow said it has now raised $171,000.

"I'm never going to let George's legacy die," his wife said assuring the approximately 300 people that she would be there every year.