The owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner offered free pot to folks helping with a city-wide clean-up.

Anyone who's worked at this kind of project knows that it can be challenging to get people to volunteer. I mean, you spend your day picking up other people's filth, like the half-eaten cheeseburger they threw out the window, the dirty diaper that they didn't want stinking up their car, or bottles that are half-full of moldy liquid. Yuck!

But Dennis Meehan told WCSH-TV that he heard of a town in Colorado that offered free marijuana to anyone who took part in the clean-up. So, he publicized the fact that anyone who showed up to get a trash bag and then brought it back full of garbage, the business would give them a gift of cannabis. The response was pretty great, with dozens of people wandering around town, filling their bags with litter.

Marijuana is legal in the state of Maine, but a moratorium has been placed on any businesses selling the substance. 'Gifting' it, however, is within the law. Meehan said they did check I.D.'s and make sure everyone who received the marijuana was 21 or over.

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