Possibly one of the best hashtags on Instagram #OnlyinMaine offers photos of things that are so typical of Maine. 

Everyone comes to Maine for the lobster, so why not have it everywhere? Even the rest stops!

Lobsters at the rest stop #onlyinmaine

A photo posted by Chris Gudas (@cgudas) on

In Maine it is normal to see a boot driving around.

Stoplight vision #onlyinmaine A photo posted by Anne Thorne (@anniefrommaine) on

Mainers need something heavy duty to hold their mail to keep it safe from the elements. I guess this works...

We are a state of Do-it-yourselfers. Bumpah's brokin? Just duct tape on a tree.

Oh that? That is a bumper made out of a tree. #onlyinmaine A photo posted by Adam Rondeau (@adamrondeaushow) on

Didn't you know Maine has an extra weekday?

#8daysaweek #maine #onlyinmaine #funny lol

A photo posted by Nicole (@california_girl_95) on

Not so sure that quick fix will work in the winter...

Sunroofs broken so screw it use an umbrella #onlyinmaine #cantfixstupid A photo posted by Travis Dunn (@tdtrav36) on

Not sure it this is a typo, misspelling, or intentional. Either way, it's totally Maine.

For some reason this isn't a popular beverage in other states...

#gross #onlyinmaine A photo posted by Larry Gilbert, Jr (@lfgilbert) on

When you get hungry while moving the lawn, just drive your mower to the nearest Chinese buffet.

Mainers are not embarrassed to show off their spare tire while riding a bike.

#sparetire #onlyinmaine #bidolife A photo posted by Greg Morin (@gboneskillet) on

Lock your doors to keep out vegetables?


A photo posted by Amy Bushell (@ambush207) on

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