The search continues for a missing Bangor man, Paul 'June Bug' Francis III, who friends say was showing signs of depression before he disappeared over a month ago.

It's one of those cases that captivates a community. How is it possible that a healthy, 29-year-old man could just vanish? June Bug was last seen leaving a party sometime after 1:00 on the morning of December 2nd, telling friends that he was headed home. It appears that he may have never made it there, and surveillance cameras in Downtown Bangor show no images of anyone who can be positively identified as June Bug.

He was a free spirit, who is described by people who knew him as 'funny,' 'sweet,' and a 'genuinely nice guy.' He has a son that he adores and a job at Geaghan's Pub that friends say he loved and would never intentionally not show up for. So, when he failed to arrive at work on December 4th, friends and family reported him missing.

Now, those friends and family members, along with people who never met June Bug, gather at the Brick Church in Bangor each morning to get updates and their search assignments. The city's been scoured for any sign of the man, and people watch the Penobscot River and Kenduskeag Stream with binoculars. No one wants to believe that he ended up in the water, but any news, good or bad, will provide some closure. For updates on the search, log onto a Facebook page set up by these amazing people looking for June Bug.

If you have information about the whereabouts of Paul Francis III, or if you think you may have seen something relevant on the night he disappeared, you're urged to contact the Bangor Police at 947-7382.

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