Just in time for our very own Q106.5 Egg Ride, the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife announced via their Facebook page, that they are having a free snowmobile weekend from January 31st - February 2nd.

This means that riders from out of state, or from just over the border in Canada, can come into Maine for free and ride to their heart's content on Maine's 14,000+ miles of trails. The MDIFW does ask though, that if you're an out of state rider, that you stop by their website, and take this short survey.

Maybe you have friends and/or family that live just over the border into Canada, or down south somewhere else in New England. This is the perfect weekend to get them to come to you, and ride all over. There are trails everywhere. There's even one about 1500 feet off the back of my house!

And some of the sights you see in the woods of Maine in the wintertime are worth every little tiny bit that you might be cold. So get out and enjoy it for free that weekend. Not many things in life are free with virtually no strings attached, so don't let your friends miss out!

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