If it was free t-shirts, or free slices of pizza, no way would this have happened.

Remember a month or so ago, and the federal government as part of the Covid fighting plans offered free covid 19 test kits to citizens from coast to coast.

All you had to do was sign up on their website, and they would deliver them

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For the record, I signed up. But I haven’t received the kits. Yet. Last week I got an email notification that they were "out for delivery" but it was one of those snow days, and they didn’t show up.

Not a big issue.  So far, no symptoms and no need for an easy test.

There was also an issue with those test kits that the Feds were sending out potentially not being reliable if they had been exposed to cold temperatures. So that would mean half the country at a minimum might be using test kits that potentially might not be accurate.

But wait there’s more.

Now, the government has said they have millions of test kits that we have not signed up to receive. Hundreds of millions of test kits, in a place of storage who knows where. And being stored at what temperature.

You can’t make this up.

Good news though, private insurance carriers are now having to cover the cost of numerous rapid tests as needed. And Covid test costs for those on Medicare will also be covered soon.

As more and more places in Maine have already or are about to become mask-less, more testing might be needed sooner rather than later.

Here is the link to sign up for those test kits.

And keep your fingers crossed.

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