There's been a recent uptick in UFO sightings here in Maine. 

According to a UFO tracking website,, there's been bizarre sights in the sky over Maine. So far this year, there's been 12 UFO sightings across the state. To add to the eeriness, four of those sightings were reported in the Bangor area.

The first area sighting was reported in Ellsworth. Here's the summery of what this person saw on March 27:

At home letting the cat in. cloudy overcast. bright light over house. bouncing. moving back and forth like a rubber ball. moving east. we knew it wasnt. anything like a plane. no sound. i have planes over my house everynight. first time in 16 years this year have spotted this more than once. wanted to report this cause the last time it bounced but i saw it go down like it was landing. nervous about this. want answers.

The next two sightings were reportedly seen on the same day. Weird. However, the descriptions of what these witnesses saw differ. Here's what someone saw in Orono on April 5:

Around 8:15 pm tonight i was outside smoking a cigarette and admiring the stars i noticed what i thought was a star and it was moving from west to east, then i thought to myself this isnt a star because it was lower that any other star i seen.I continued to watch it until i left my sight.

Also on April 5, someone saw something strange over Ellsworth: (There's a few typos)

I stared out my window of the second story of a 2 story apartment and a bright yellow light just appeared over a building just behind my apartment. it moved closer to the tree tops on the edgd of my lawn, i could see one really bright yellow light and three small yellow lights. it moved very slowly, and without sound along the edge of the tree tops. then finally hovered in the furthest edge of the woods. then dissappeared. i knew it wasn't a helecopter because it was silent and they usually have a red light. i knew it was a ufo but it definitely creeped me out.

The final area sighting was reported in Orrington on April 21:

(viewed through 10x50 binoculars for duration). first viewed exactly west from my position; travelling from south west > north east, losing sight just passed north due to building & tree obstruction, taking just under 10 minutes from first observed to last. moved very slowly, absolutely no sound, never going above 20 degrees above horizon. had 3 brilliant-white static lights in each of the 3 corners with one strobing red light centered on the underside hull. there was also a less-bright 4th light seemingly on the aft part of the fuselage, centered between (but higher) the two-rear lights. with binoculars, the fuselage against the background sky is clearly visible: a literal triangle, slightly longer than wide (ie, not equilateral), and relative to commercial aircraft, very dark. i've seen quite a few of these now, all following the same relative paths; sw>ne or ne>sw, in exactly the same two paths ie: directly east or west, which is so common i keep an eye out on either path. interestingly, the light-strobe pattern and colors were somewhat different with this: the red-strobe flashed more frequently than others in the past, and was exactly opposited by a strobing white light, seemingly from the aft-starboard white light. (they never went out of sync, compared to commercial aircraft). also compared to previous sightings, when at it's most southern position (front hull most visible), there were no red/green, port/sb winglet lights, which until now have always been visible from the front (not from the rear ever 100%). anyways, nothing special but i figured i'd report it for posterity. i would draw it but other than flashers and attitude indicator lights, it's the same basic vehicle people see daily. lastly, i must emphasize "no-sound." there were commercial aircraft much higher and further away that were distinctly audible, whereas this/these craft is/are not.

It seems Vacationland is a universe-wide travel destination.

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