A former pitcher from the University of Maine baseball team is accused of raping six women in Delaware.

Clay Conaway, 22, of Georgetown, Delaware attended the University of Delaware after leaving the University of Maine in 2016. He pleaded not guilty last week to six counts of second-degree rape and one count of first-degree rape. Centralmaine.com reports Conaway was originally arrested last month on one count for an alleged assault on a 20-year-old woman at a Georgetown residence. Since then, five more women have come forward with similar accusations.

Timothy and Mary Conaway, Clay's parents, have signed an agreement to put up four Sussex County properties they own in order to meet their son's $310,000 bond. He's ordered to stay with them until his next court appearance in December.

Conaway's coaches and teammates at U-Maine say they weren't aware of any misconduct. But the former pitcher was expelled from the University of Delaware this month after allegations of raping a woman in an off-campus apartment, in a separate incident than the one that sparked the original charge.

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