A former Maine State Trooper is going to prison for a year after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine.

Jeffrey Linscott was a trooper for 22 years and served in Iraq in the Army Reserves. He was accused of selling cocaine and fentanyl, but was only sentenced based on a single guilty plea to trafficking in cocaine, as part of a plea agreement. Linscott was arrested after selling drugs to an informant working with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to the Associated Press, Linscott's defense attorney said that his client suffered from mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder, that contributed to his risky behavior and bad decisions. However, the judge said that he should've understood the dangers of selling drugs because he'd likely seen many overdose deaths when working as a Trooper. Fentanyl is a powerful opioid that's been linked to an epidemic of overdoses in Maine.

Officials say Linscott started dealing drugs after having an affair with a woman who was addicted, and spending his family's life savings. He choked up in court when he made his statement, apologizing to other members of law enforcement. Linscott's state pension of $3,447 a month will not be affected by his conviction.

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