As a devoted coffee drinker, I was dismayed when I realized the latest items to disappear off the store shelves are coffee filters.

It never occurred to me that coffee filters would be in short supply. So I was surprised when I had to visit several area stores before finding one that had them stacked up on the shelf. Where was that? Uh uh. I'm not telling. I mean, would Blackbeard tell you where he buried his treasure? I don't think so.

If you've noticed this too and wondered why people seem to be hoarding them, it's because many folks put them in their face coverings, as an added layer of protection. And I bet they work pretty well. They're tightly woven, but airy enough to allow you to breathe. And they're extremely affordable. I get it.

But no one wants to hear me do a morning show without coffee. Trust me. I'm not trying to be selfish here, just realistic. My days start very early and coffee is like air. I have to have it or I can't get through the day. Maybe it's time Jim and I get another K-cup machine. (ours fell victim to our hard well water) I can't imagine anyone will want to put a k-cup in their face mask, so they shouldn't be disappearing anytime soon. Although, I suppose they would make good 'nose cones' for masks, to pull the fabric away from your nose a bit.

Wait. Scratch that. If people think that's a good idea and the k-cups start vanishing, I'll be forced to drink (gasp) instant. And THAT'S not happening.

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