A fire and explosion at a propane garage in Millinocket resulted in a Dead River employee and a firefighter getting hurt.

Fire crews were called to the garage just before 1:00 Monday afternoon after an explosion. Officials say an employee was working on a propane truck when something went wrong. The Dead River employee, whose identity wasn't released, was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

As crews worked to contain the fire, ice fell from the garage roof and struck one of the firefighters. He was also taken to the hospital for treatment. Millinocket's Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Malcolm told WABI-TV that it was a scary situation, because there was a truck loaded with propane that was in danger of exploding. The focus of the operation was to get inside and keep the tank cool, so it wouldn't ignite.

Now, the State Fire Marshal's Office will investigate to determine what started the fire.

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