If you're looking for a little extra cash this Christmas, you might find it on the latest edition of Maine's Unclaimed Property List.

'Unclaimed property' can be any one of a variety of possibilities, like insurance checks that never found you after you moved. Or maybe you changed banks and forgot that you still had a little money sitting in the old account. It could be as little as a few bucks or a sizable amount. But, whatever the amount, it's the perfect time of year to suddenly come into a little cash.

I check the list every time it comes out, and I found a little money once that was owed to me from an insurance company. Cool! Searching the list is easy, with just the entry of your name and address, or just the town where you live. And don't forget to search any changes, like old addresses, or former married names, etc.

Currently, the state of Maine has $242,131,116.00 in lost funds, and some of it could belong to you. Get your searches started now on the Maine Unclaimed Property List.

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