Just a couple weeks ago, I told y'all about these phone messages I kept getting, that were claiming all sorts of fraudulent activity being done with my Social Security number. Working in the media, I hear all about these scams all the time, so luckily, I don't buy into them.

But federal regulators are getting the word out about the latest scam going around, and it's a tough one, because the call appears on your caller ID, as coming from the Social Security Office. The robo-call tells people their benefits are about to be discontinued, and you need to call a certain number to fix the situation.

You may be asking yourself, who falls prey to this sort of idiocy? It seems like it should be so obvious, right? Older folks are obviously the biggest targets. And by big, I mean huge. So far in 2019, there have been over 73,000 reports of fraud, totaling over $17 million!!! that's million with a capital M, says WGME - TV13. And that's just this year.

Officials want to remind people, they would never reach out to anyone in this manner. It will certainly never be a robo-call. Nor would they just call up out of the blue and threaten your benefits. So think a bit before you call them back and start giving them any kind of personal financial info.

Sadly, these sorts of scams are becoming the norm. So definitely think about what the content of the call is. Or the email. Or even the letter that shows up in your mail. Don't ever send cash without verifying what you're doing. No one deserves to have their hard earned money taken away, ever.

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