One person was killed in an accident near the Canadian border involving a fuel truck and a tractor trailer.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the trucks were traveling in opposite directions along Route 27 in Chain of Ponds Township at around 9:30 Monday morning. One vehicle was a fuel tanker, carrying 2,000 gallons of #2 heating oil and 800 gallons of kerosene. The other was a log truck hauling an empty bed.

WABI-TV reports the two trucks collided when the driver of the empty big rig lost control on the slippery road and slid into the travel lane of the fuel truck. The driver of the Dead River fuel truck, 51-year-old Gregory Hutchinson of Carthage, died at the scene. The big rig was driven by 70-year-old Jeffrey Land of Rumford. There's no word on whether he was hurt in the crash.

The Department of Environmental Protection worked to contain the fuel spill, while police investigated the accident.

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