After a particularly lengthy winter filled with gray skies and chilly temperatures, you couldn't blame a single soul for hoping that the summer of 2019 in New England would be filled with plenty of sunshine and perfect beach days. Unfortunately, the Farmers' Almanac is here to...literally rain on your summer parade.

Farmers' Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

According to the Farmers' Almanac who just released their summer forecast, you're probably going to want to travel with an umbrella at all times and make sure that wherever you're going, there's functioning air conditioning. The almanac calls for "oppressively hot" humidity through July and August with extensive cloud cover that will bring rain and thunderstorms frequently to all of New England. Despite the cloud cover, the Farmers' Almanac believes the northeast will feel more like the south, with many days stuck in the 80's with heightened stickiness. Great.

That sustained heat could potentially bring another consequence with it beyond dampening some people's summer plans. The Farmers' Almanac is predicting an early tropical storm schedule that could be enhanced by extended periods of warmth throughout the northeast. Just keeps sounding better, doesn't it?

So we'll leave it up to you on whether you want to believe the Farmers' Almanac predictions or just trust that summer always works out in the end in New England.

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