In my personal searches on Facebook Marketplace, I've felt that with a little patience, and a bit of creativity with keywords, you can seemingly find just about anything on Facebook. I'm not even sure how I got so far down the rabbit hole, but lo and behold, I saw a first for me. I'm sure it wasn't a first for Marketplace, but just to my little eyes.

You can buy an entire lobstering business right on Facebook. I don't mean a store where you can go and buy lobster. But a boat, traps, tanks, ropes, skiff.....the whole nine yards, and then some. It could literally put you directly in the driver's seat of your future as a self-employed lobsterman, or woman.

Photo: David C. Hiltz Jr. via Facebook Marketplace
Photo: David C. Hiltz Jr. via Facebook Marketplace

I don't know much about the lobster business, but this sounds like a sweet deal to me. Up and running for under $100k? Try to do that with any other avenue of self-employment! It's no doubt that there's a lot of hard work to be done, but maybe you've been on the back of the boat for too many years, and this is your chance to captain your own vessel and show everyone else how it's done!

I love the idea of being out on the water, and hauling the traps, and enjoying being my own boss. I get it, not every day is a picnic out there. You'll have to be out in all kinds of weather and water conditions. It's like the mailman of the open water. Although, generally you don't get bitten by dogs out there, just angry lobsters.

Who knows, maybe this isn't your thing. But it might be someone's, so be sure to let them know! Lobstering in Maine is a long standing tradition that could make a hard working individual, a good, hard-earned living. But like my grandfather used to say... anything you earn, is twice as nice as anything that's handed to you.


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