An exotic cow is missing in Waldo County, and the sheriff's office asks that residents not try to approach him if he's spotted.

The cow is a Wagyu, which is a prized beef steer in Japan, and rarely seen in Maine. As a matter of fact, the BDN reports owner Jason Stutheit has the only two Wagyu cows in the state. He says the cow apparently got spooked at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity last weekend and jumped the fence.

And it's that 'easily spooked' nature that continues to cause problems. Many people at the fair tried to help catch him but Stutheit said that only proved to make him more nervous and off he went. He's known as '70' because of the number on his yellow ear tag. The last time he was seen was on the Town Farm Road in Unity but had bolted before Stutheit could reach him.

The steers are worth a lot of money in Japan because of their tender, marbled meat. A steak from a Wagyu steer can cost more than $100 a pound! Stutheit told the BDN that 70's brother has been quite distraught, crying and calling out for his missing sibling. They even left the brother at the fairgrounds for an extra night in case his cries brought 70 back. But to no avail.

The Waldo County Sheriff's office asks that anyone who spots the wayward cow not approach him. Instead, keep him in your sight and call the Sheriff's office or call Stutheit directly at 322-4682.

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