Earlier this week, the debate about what should be allowed on Maine vanity plates was once again reignited. According to the Bangor Daily News, the Maine Legislature heard arguments that while bumper stickers can't be regulated, government-issued license plates should fall under some restrictions. Ultimately, some members of the Maine Legislature, including current Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, would like to roll back a law that allows about anything and everything to be on license plates in Maine. Resolution on that issue will take some time, so the ridiculous vanity plates will continue for now. Which brings us to this curious case.

Shared on Reddit by thedecayofnature, while this plate doesn't actually contain any profanity, it just feels vulgar. By the way, if you're staring at that vanity plate going "what the  hell is a so-mo-ist?", you wouldn't be alone. Several of the commenters on the Reddit post had the same initial reaction. But let's clear it up for you, it's meant to be SO MOIST.

Oh, that word. Moist. According to MentalFloss, the word moist is one of the most off-putting words that exists. A study showed that 1 out of every 5 Americans is averse to the word moist for various reasons. People are more averse to moist than they are to other four-letter words that begin with F and S that we really can't write out but have been seen on plenty of Maine plates.

With that in mind, congratulations to the driver of this vehicle. They've managed to do something amazing. Even without our profanity, they may be the sole owners of the most offensive vanity plate in Maine. And even if vanity plates come under more scrutiny in the future, there will be nothing the legislature can do about this one. SO MOIST.

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