This summer my wife and I brought our son, Bentley to a motocross stunt show and it was so rad. The families were in awe watching the bikes fly into the air doing twists and turns. This was a summer event. So what do you do when you want to bring the family to an adventurous show during the winter months? I've got you covered!

Spud Speedway in Caribou has announced the largest four-day winter festival called, The inaugural SnowBowl. This event is March 2 to March 5. It is bringing a lot of popularity and will add a big economic boost to Aroostook County.

This epic event will include freestyle shows from SnoCross Race and Rave X Motorsports, trail riding on the US-Canada border, build a snowman contest, a poker run and so many more exciting events and activities for the family to enjoy, as the website says. Most of the events to attend are free!

Jim Gamage is a snowmobiler who is a part of making this entire event happen.

SnowBowl, Jim Gamage YouTube Channel
SnowBowl, Jim Gamage YouTube Channel

You can check out the entire video of the SnowBowl ad on YouTube! With tricks, stunts, and races these talented snowmobiler crews are bound to make your jaw drop. Watching them make jumps and backflips on these 500 pound machines is amazing.

The races are on Friday, March 3 to Sunday March 5th. The stunt show is on Saturday, March 4th brought to you by Rave X and this will be during the "Sledabration" at the Caribou Rec Center. This is where you will see snowmobiles flipping in the air with high flying action!

This is the first SnowBowl and I know that they are going to kick it off with a bang. This event is also being heard from around the nation.

“The furthest that we’ve heard from is Kansas City, reaching out to see what we’re doing. We have the trails, we just needed an event to promote the trails and promote the area.”

 Jim Gamage to WAGM

If I was looking for an event to attend that is going to make lasting memories and wonder to my family, this is what I would plan to attend. With deep snow in Caribou, the races and stunts are bound to be remarkable.

For more information on how you can attend the SnowBowl click here. 

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