Employees of Jester's and the City Side Restaurant in Brewer received a text early this morning, informing them the businesses are now closed.

Jester's had a reputation for being a 'Cheers'-type neighborhood pub. Located in the North Brewer shopping center, the bar offered karaoke and occasionally some live entertainment. Next door, the City Side Restaurant had a lot of regulars who met with friends to sit at the long tables and socialize. The backroom at City Side has been the home of a weekend music jam, where local musicians gathered to play together. But one employee of Jester's, Crista Grace told us that the pandemic has been hard on both businesses.

A note on the door to the restaurant, posted by the owners, confirmed that information.

Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

I can say that my husband and I are sad to see them go. He occasionally went to karaoke at Jester's, and we both enjoyed having a weekend breakfast outing at City Side. Our best wishes go out to owners and employees, alike, in hopes of better days ahead.

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