City officials have voted down an attempt to make Ellsworth a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

On Monday, residents met with Ellsworth city officials to show support for the second amendment. According to Fox Bangor, city council member Michelle Kaplan requested debate over whether the city should become a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Kaplan said, "It would just mean that Ellsworth police would not go door to door confiscating weapons that the federal government deems as unlawful and that itself is actually protected by the commerce clause.” The resolution was voted down by a 6-1 vote.

Towns and cities around the country have declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. According to WGME, the town of Paris became Maine's first gun rights sanctuary back in 2019. Since then more Maine towns have shown intent to push back from proposed gun control measures.

Back in January, Fort Fairfield town councilors voted unanimously to become a sanctuary. Town Councilor Bob Kilcollins told the BDN, "Right now, as we speak, Fort Fairfield is a Second Amendment sanctuary. When you look at the future, I wrote up the resolution, protecting what we already have. It’s preserving our Second Amendment rights." He has since then shared his resolution with other towns in Aroostook County.

According to Fiddlehead Focus, town councilors in Van Buren voted unanimously to “oppose unconstitutional changes or restrictions that may be proposed on the right to keep and bear arms of its citizens.” The vote made the town the third Second Amendment Sanctuary in Maine. Caribou town councilors planned on voting on the measure this month, but it was tabled for later debate.

According to Guns & Ammo's annual listing of the Best States for Gun Owners, Maine ranks 30 in the country. The publication gives Maine positive marks for our permitless carry law, status as a "shall-issue state" for concealed carry permits, and lack of state regulation or ban on black rifles and NFA items. Arizona currently tops the list.

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