Four Ellsworth teens are facing drug charges for distributing pot-laced candy purchased legally from a medical marijuana facility.

Police say the Jolly Rancher candies were bought by 19-year-old Adam Bradshaw of Ellsworth from a medical marijuana dispensary. He then gave the pot-laced treats to three current Ellsworth High School students. The names of the students weren't released because they're juveniles.

Ellsworth Police Chief Glenn Moshier told WABI-TV that he fears this will become a trend, with the establishment of retail marijuana sales. And he says it will be challenging to detect, since the pot-laced candies look identical to the regular Jolly Ranchers that you'd buy at the supermarket.

The four teens are charged with aggravated drug trafficking. Police say while the purchase of the marijuana candies was legal, giving them to minors makes it a felony.

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