Ellsworth Police say people going door-to-door, trying to sign folks up for an alternative electricity provider, are from a legitimate company, but residents should still exercise caution.

We had a report a few weeks ago from a Bangor resident who said someone had come to their door, trying to talk about the rates at CMP and Emera, and wearing a 'Townsquare Media' name tag. As it turns out, the name tag actually says 'Townsquare Energy,' and they are not affiliated with our radio group at all. Ellsworth Police looked into the matter, after reading a report of folks going door to door, and found that they're actually subcontractors to Electricity Maine, which is a legitimate company that offers alternatives to the two major power companies in the state.

But the post on the department's page goes on to warn people to be cautious when dealing with these folks. While the company they're subcontracted to is real, their sales tactics are often less than honest, according to police. They allegedly claim to be working for Emera or 'in cooperation' with either Emera or CMP. Or they may simply say that they represent 'the electric company.' They offer a lower rate and ask to see the resident's electric bill. The pair are often seen wearing orange vests and carrying clipboards, looking very much like the real thing.

The truth is, they're not working 'with' or 'for' either Emera or CMP. They are offering a legitimate service, but it has nothing to do with the larger companies. Ellsworth Police advise asking a lot of questions before giving these folks any information. Do your due diligence and research the company and their offerings before signing up for anything. They say, folks should especially be asking questions about long-term savings and possible rate changes in the future.

Finally, police urge residents to talk to their elderly friends and relatives about this current sales pitch, and warn them not to be taken in by false information.

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