An Ellsworth man died after leaving his car that was stuck a snowbank.

The Ellsworth American reports the body of 54-year-old Paul Bouffard was found about 20 feet from his vehicle. He had apparently started walking after he was unable to get his car out of a snowbank on the Turnbull Road during Thursday's blizzard. Officials say he was probably trying to visit his father when the accident happened.

Police say it's believed that he left the car to get help, became disoriented because of the storm, and succumbed to the cold. Bouffard was reportedly not dressed appropriately for any extended time outside.

The last person to see Bouffard alive was his girlfriend, at around 10:00 Thursday evening. When she woke up Friday morning and realized he wasn't home, she called his family. They notified authorities that he was missing. A plow truck driver told police that he saw the vehicle in the snowbank Friday morning and footprints, but didn't see any sign of Bouffard.

Police say this is a tragic reminder of the importance of letting people know where you're going and when you expect to arrive, especially in bad weather.

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