Honestly, I don't know anything about the backstory of why Edible Arrangements ever left the Bangor area in the first place. All I can tell you with personal certainty, is that any food related business is tough. You have a lot of product that basically has a timer going on it the whole time. No sales leads to spoiled profits. And food.

Regardless of the why's and how's.... Edible Arrangements is once again returning to the Queen City. The parent company is based out of Atlanta, and they're looking at opening three new stores here in Maine. There is already a location in South Portland, but now they're looking to add Portland, Lewiston, and our own little Bangtown.

I always love it when I've gone anywhere and there's an Edible Arrangement. Sure we all the love the fresh fruit, but we all go straight for the chocolate covered fruit first. Well, I know I do. Don't get me wrong, I eat the fresh fruit too, but who doesn't love a big bite of one of those chocolate covered pineapple stars?!

We should see the new Bangor store in the next six months or so. There is no location chosen yet, as they're looking for a spot where it can also have a drive-thru window. It's been shown that E.A. stores with a drive-thru window have significantly higher sales, especially since the pandemic began, according to the BDN.

A prime spot, in my opinion, could be the recently vacated Burger King location on Hogan road in Bangor. It already has the refrigeration, the space, and that precious drive-thru window they're searching for. Since I'm no real estate genius, my bet is that they're likely looking at this spot already.

At any rate, it'll be nice to have them back in town. A regular fruit basket just seems so tone deaf when you have an Edible Arrangement store. Sure, I love a nice fruit salad, or a bunch of oranges in a box, but chocolate covered pineapple stars beats fruit cocktail every day of the week.

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